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The 4th quarter 2018 tax payments will be due November 1st with a grace period to November 13th.

The Tax Collector's office collects taxes and sewer charges and enforces timely payments, delivers delinquency notices, calculates interest on delinquencies and holds tax sales.

Due Date for Taxes:
1st Quarter - Feb 1
2nd  Quarter -  May 1
3rd Quarter - Aug 1
4th Quarter - Nov 1

There is a 10 day grace period.

2018 Certified Tax Rate is 4.090 per $100 of assessed value

Where do your tax dollars go?
School 56%
County 24.5%
Municipal 18%
Library 1.5%

Veterans and senior citizens may be eligible for a tax deduction of $250.  Qualified applicants should contact the Tax Assessor’s office for an application at 464-2700 x 2118.




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